Undergraduate Sociology Journal

Call For Submission for Undergraduate Sociology Journal Volume VI 2023 is out now!

The Undergraduate Sociology Journal is now accepting submissions for the 2022-2023 academic year! This year the USJ is looking for all creative and academic pieces that revolve around the theme of RESURGENCE.

Resurgence is revival amongst all of our communities. Resurgence was chosen as this year’s theme to mirror the reality of the social climate post-pandemic. With communities rebuilding together after COVID, we feel that this theme could be a glimmer of inspiration and hope for better times after the impacts of the pandemic.

The theme can encompass community revival, social movements that promote resurgence, the absence of resurgence, and other discourse surrounding resurgence.

Submissions are open to all UofT undergraduates, and we welcome you to submit works of all creative forms, including but not confined to research papers, op-eds, poetry, photography, creative writing, and letters.

Not sure if your work fits into the theme? Submit anyways and we will be in contact shortly!

Submission Requirements:

    1. Submissions to the Undergraduate Sociology Journal is open to any student enrolled in an undergraduate program at the St. George campus.
    2. Submissions from sociology’s intersecting disciplines, including, but not limited to, Criminology, Women and Gender Studies, Indigenous Studies, Diaspora and Transnational Studies, and Economics, must have a clear sociological focus to be considered.
    3. Works of all forms, including research papers, op-eds, poetry, photography, creative writing, videos, music and letters will be allowed.
    4. Academic essays must:
      1. Be written for courses offered at the St. George campus
      2. Be an original piece of work that has received an A-range grade.
      3. Be a minimum of 5 pages, not including citations. There is no maximum page limit.
      4. Have double-spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and 1-inch margins. An abstract is required
      5. Abide by ASA 5th edition citation guidelines: UTM SOC ASA Citation Guide.
    5. No identifying information may appear on the submission itself or in the document file name. This includes the author’s name, student number, course code, professor’s name, and TA’s name. This is to ensure that the Editorial Board reviews papers anonymously and objectively.
    6. Please proofread your works before you submit them.
    7. All written works must be emailed as a Microsoft Word document.
    8. Photos must be emailed in jpeg, pdf, jpg or png.
    9. All videos/audios must be able to be reached via a link. iMovie or Windows movie maker or other applications will not be considered.
    10. A completed Submission Form must accompany each submission.

USJ-Essay-Submission-Form-2022-23 https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfT2MV1ZHwwhAWdI5aX_beMsqYeu618B4KYZjEHchl6Hk9Rqw/viewform

We encourage the submission of both quantitative and qualitative papers (or mixed-methods papers).

Email your essay and completed Submission Form to ussu.journal@gmail.com

Multiple paper submissions by the same author are permitted.

Papers that fail to abide by the submission requirements may or may not still be considered for review, at the discretion of the Editorial Board.

Due to the volume of submissions, only authors selected for the publishing process will be contacted.

Authors who publish with the Undergraduate Sociology Journal agree to the Copyright Policy