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Jina Aryaan

Jina Aryaan is a fourth year student pursuing a major in Sociology and a double a minor in French and Latin American Studies. As co-president, her goal is to increase the online and campus presence of USSU, create a stronger community for students in the Sociology program, organize more networking events, and establish a better relationship between the Department and students. Asides from her work at USSU, she also works on various political and organizational campaigns to promote youth activism. She is interested in corporate and international human rights law, and aspires to be a successful corporate lawyer. When she's not working on USSU, you can catch her fervently running around campus to get to the next meeting or trying to get a short break at the ASSU office.


Maeve Murphy

Maeve Murphy is a fourth year student at the University of Toronto completing a Major in Sociology and a Double Minor in History & Canadian Studies. She has spent the past academic year working on the Undergraduate Sociology Student Union as a co-social events director, and is excited to further this passion as your co-president this upcoming term! As Co-President, she is committed to working towards building a sense of community within the Sociology program.


Zakerie Farah

Zakerie Farah is in his 3rd year studying Sociology and Political Science. As Vice-President he wants to build pride amongst Sociology students, host engaging Sociological discussions, and grow USSU's presence at the University of Toronto. He is interested in immigration & multiculturlism, and wants to work in public policy. His favorite food truck at UofT is the Brown Food Truck

Events Director

Peter Magnuszewski

Peter is a fourth year student at University of Toronto, doing a minor in Sociology and a double major in Psychology and Biodiversity & Conservation Biology. As an events director, his goals are to organize events that will create unforgettable social experiences for Sociology students, and to provide an opportunity for students to be engaged with the union. Peter loves traveling and has a passion for music and photography. In his spare time he does sports and enjoys the outdoors.

Events Director

Krall Yu

Krall Yu is in her third-year pursuing a major in Sociology. Her goal as an event director in USSU is to hold events that can enhance people’s relationship with Sociology throughout their degree, and help people from diverse backgrounds feel more engaged. In addition to her studies, she is interested in learning about different cultures, and has participated in an Intercultural learning program with the Centre of International experiences in the past year.

Career Opportunities Director

Zoey Zhang

Zoey Zhang is a third year student pursuing double major in Sociology and Employment Relations . As career director, her goal is to plan and organize networking and career panels events, share more resources and career advice to students in Sociology department, and connect students to young professionals and professors. Asides from her work at USSU, she also works on various mental health organization to promote mental health awareness on campus.

Creative Director

Patricia Dimakos

Patricia is in her fourth-year pursuing an Honours Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Sociology and Art History at Trinity College, University of Toronto. In addition to her studies, global health is an interest she acquired through her involvement as an executive within the University of Toronto International Health Program this past year. As the Creative Director for USSU, Patricia aspires to grow the Unions online presence, while unifying promotions and publications. She has a passion for photography, architecture and art history, and enjoys traveling and frequenting museums all over the globe during her spare time.

Financial Director


Outreach Director


Social Media Director


Director of Internal Communications


Director of First-Year Affairs


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