Mentorship Program

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Ask A Sociology Student #1


I am one of your USSU mentors for this year. I am writing to introduce myself as this is one of the ways we will connect. 

My name is Vikki. I am a fourth-year international student, and I am graduating with a double major in Sociology and Criminology.

Sociology has expanded my horizons as an outsider in the West. My favourite courses involve Sociology of LGBTQ+ Families, Gender Relations, Quantitative Methods, and Social Control (quoting myself from 

I wish I took advantage of the resources I had in second year, including mentors, professors, and office hours back then. My favourite thing about the resources on campus is meeting the tutors in the Writing Centre. I also like using the printer in my college (before COVID-19) because it is cheaper than library printers on campus. 😊

You are welcome to email me at any time:

Stay well,


Ask A Sociology Student #2

Hello Everyone!

My Name is Ummai, I am a third-year student majoring in Sociology and English. In hopes of pursuing a career in teaching, I am planning on completing my Masters in Teaching and Education at UofT with OISE.

I particularly enjoy contemporary sociology courses that study current events and social issues, I enjoy being able to relate with them as well as use them in better understanding the diverse range of people and cultures around us here in Toronto.  Some of these courses include “Ethnic and Racial Diversity” “The Sociology of Criminology”, they really challenge you to think “outside the box”.

Some of the resources I found extremely helpful in my first year were the writing centers, speaking with my TA, and office hours with Professors. I know it can be daunting, but I strongly believe that working up the courage and scheduling a one-on-one is 100% worth it!

My favorite study spots off campus in this Covid-world is basically someplace in my house where there is lots of sunlight and a quiet atmosphere (the latter may be hard to achieve for some of us!). I tend to shift between 2-3 study spots, mainly because this helps eliminate the robotic feeling experienced when I repeatedly use the same space over and over again.

Please feel free to email me at if you want to reach out about anything! I would be more than happy to help you out 🙂 

Best of luck!