Executive Team


Dumkele Aligwekwe

My name is Dumkele Aligwekwe (she/her) and I am excited to serve you as a Co-President of USSU this year! I am in my fourth year, completing a double major in Sociology and Global Health. This year is very different for many reasons, so USSU is taking steps to better support sociology students through meaningfully connecting you with the Sociology Department, strengthening your relationships with your peers, and encouraging you through your transition out of university. Fun fact about me: I love fashion and design and the best Christmas gift I’ve ever gotten was a sewing machine. Feel free to contact me at ussu.uoft@gmail.com to talk about anything USSU related, or anything fashion related!


Susan Fan

Hello everyone, my name is Susan Fan, the Co-President of USSU for 2020-2021. I go by She/Her pronouns, and I’m a 4th-year student double majoring in Sociology and Contemporary Asian Studies. I joined USSU because I’d like to be more involved with other Sociology students, professors, as well as the department. Moreover, I’m mainly interested in issues about gender and racial equality. Looking forward to meeting you all!


Ahmad Khan

Hello everyone, my name is Ahmad (he/him/his) and I am excited to be the Vice-President of USSU this year. I am currently in my fourth year, majoring in Psychology and Sociology. This year, I hope the Union will continue to provide a welcoming and inclusive community for undergraduate students and help facilitate their personal/professional development. I would love to create more opportunities for students to connect with Professors in the Department and to get involved in Research/Thesis Projects. In my spare time, I dabble in improv and I enjoy gardening.

Financial Director:

Eunice Tullao

Eunice (she/her) is the Finance Director for this year; she is currently a 3rd-year student, double majoring in sociology and political science. She’s very optimistic about this school year, and she is looking forward to helping plan events, and help students navigate their academic, and social life. She is also very excited to meet USSU members and sociology major students. Eunice is also a big fan of food, especially Asian cuisine, so she is always finding different recipes for her friends to cook for her, much to their disapproval, or finding new restaurants for them to try.

Director of Internal Communications:

Aliyah Karim

Hi there! My name is Aliyah (she/her), I am USSU’s Director of Internal Communications. I am currently in my fourth year, double majoring in Sociology and Criminology and Sociolegal Studies. Sociology is absolutely fascinating. From crime to the composition of cities, sociology provides countless ways to analyze the social world around us. It is one of the primary reasons I love this program! Although things are a bit different this school year, I aspire, along with the rest of the team, to help foster a diverse, supportive community for all sociology students to benefit from. Fun fact(s): I am the proud plant mother of a Haworthia, and Croton and I love to bake! I hope to see you at one of the awesome (virtual) events we have planned for this year!

Co-Events Director:

Sidney Choi

Sidney (she/her) is one of the Co-Events Director and is currently a third-year student, double majoring in sociology and human geography! She’s excited to put together events that’ll help program students navigate their academic, professional, and social life (even if it’ll have to happen through the screen). Outside of academic life, Sidney can be found napping or whipping up a random Pinterest concoction much to her poor roommates’ avail.

Co-Events Director:

Marissa Johnson

Hello, my name is Marissa (she/her) and I am one of the co-events directors for USSU this year! I am in my last year majoring in Sociology with a double minor in Indigenous Studies and Diaspora and Transnational Studies. As a co-events director, I’m excited to plan fun and engaging events that will bring students together and create a sense of community even if it’s virtually! In my spare time, I love to watch movies (I couldn’t possibly choose a favourite!) and I’m currently learning Mandarin Chinese!

Creative Director:

Sophia Lee

Hi! My name is Sophia (she/her) and I’m your Creative Director for USSU this year. I’m a third-year student double majoring in Sociology and Industrial Relations & Human Resources. I’ve always been interested in graphic design and architecture, and want to create functional designs that bring people together. I hope to use my experience to create a fresh new look for the Union that will draw students in to participate in our exciting events and opportunities!

Co-Social Media Director:

Nicole In

Hi I’m Nicole, a second-year student studying sociology and health studies! I am the co-social media director for the USSU, meaning I run the various social media platforms! I joined USSU with the goal of bridging more sociology students to one another! That being said, if you ever want to chat I’m always down 🙂 Some of my hobbies are video editing, vlogging, and going on foodie adventures!!

Co-Social Media Director:

Leanne Leung

Hi! I am Leanne (her/she), the social media co-director this year. I am a fourth year in Sociology and Political Science. I hope this year my social media co-director and I can share more posts, stories and information that piques your interest in sociology! I’m really excited to meet you all at our events this year and engage with everyone on our social media platforms!

Outreach Director:

Jollicoe Ng

Hello!!! My name is Jollicoe (she/her), and I’m a 3rd-year student specializing in Sociology with a minor in Philosophy. As this year’s Outreach Director of USSU, I’m ecstatic to be involved in the Union and have the opportunity to be the direct communication between students and USSU! I aspire to create an inclusive, engaging, and welcoming community for undergraduate students to navigate, and I strive to raise awareness for the multiple social and academic events and opportunities USSU offers. Feel free to reach out whenever you like, don't be shy!!

Co-Careers Opportunities Director:

Sophie Chase

My name is Sophie (she/her), and I am in my fourth year at UofT majoring in Sociology, with a double minor in Forest Conservation Science and Environmental Biology. This year I have the privilege of serving as one of your Career Directors. I ran for this position because I understand the stress involved in choosing your plan beyond undergrad. My hope is to be able to make this a more comfortable transition for you through the USSU career-focused events. I am excited for the speakers we have planned this year and cannot wait to share the colloquium information. To end with something about me, I like really dark chocolate and love to create. Currently, I am working on a basket made out of wire, plastic bags, and yarn.

Co-Careers Opportunities Director:

Anne Yu

Hi! My name is Anne (she/her), the career opportunity director in the USSU this year. I am a third-year student in the sociology specialist program and I'm mainly interested in religious and political sociology. Like most undergraduate students, I am also confused about my future career plan, so I see my position as a great opportunity to explore career plans together with all of you. I hope to connect undergraduate students and the sociology alumni association, through some fellowship activities to help everyone have a better plan for the future! Can't wait to see you all soon at the USSU events!


Debasmita Bhattacharya

Hey everyone, my name is Debasmita Bhattacharya, I go by she/her and I’m this year’s Editor-in-Chief! I’m a third year student majoring in Political Science and Sociology, and I joined USSU because I wanted to meet new people and gain leadership experience. I joined the sociology program because I’m really interested in social policy. Also I love dogs and butter chicken (not together).

Director of First-Year Affairs:

Vikki Huang

Hi, my name is Vikki (she/her). I feel very excited to take on the role of Director of First-Year Affairs. I’m a fourth year student majoring in sociology and criminology & socio-legal studies. Sociology has expanded my horizons and helped me learn about people outside of my circle. Some courses that I took in the SOC department that I really like are Sociology of LGBTQ+ Families, Gender Relations, Inter Quantitative, and Social Control. As you can see, I am a fan of gender courses and criminological research. Thank you for this opportunity, and I want to connect beyond my team to create an inclusive, welcoming environment. I expect to grow with all of you in my last year!